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If you love writing, then how can it be work?

I see so many writers, and many are extremely talented -- going about the anguish and stress of the written word -- how it's so much work. Writing is pain, writing is anguish, writing is the hardest thing ever, writing is blood, sweat, tears... etc. The anger and screaming out to the artistic heavens seems rampant right now, there's some bizarre mindset out there convincing artists if they don't suffer and almost die, the finished artistic product doesn't house as much merit.

I've heard so many of my writer friends, 'This was so easy to write, not sure how good it is.'

WHAT?! If a boxer wins the world championship belt with one punch in the first second of the first round, I doubt they'd sit there and say, 'Aw, I was hoping to go the full twelve rounds -- get pummeled and injured, and be in pain for months afterwards, then this belt would mean something.'

No way! Take the win, people!

I know the need to create can sometimes seem daunting, but if you love to write, I mean really just love the process, it shouldn't feel daunting. It might get frustrating, seem like the proper words are eluding you, but in truth, isn't that the fun part of the creating process? The jabbing and parrying with the muses, it's what makes the final outcome, well, worth it.

Yes, writing can seem like the longest road sometimes, but if it comes from the heart, the negative aspect of the feelings shouldn't be there. If you feel this way as a writer, I'm going to assume you're writing to make money or achieve some sort of public recognition -- there's now a tag attached to your art that has changed what it is, and you're the one who has put it there.

Art is an essence of you, that self portraiture that you're showing the world -- and that takes great courage because it'll be scrutinized and judged for the rest of its days. That right there is enough stress and anguish for anyone... why add to the pile by allowing the sacred creation phase to be polluted with all those things that'll find its way to you after you release your art to the world?

Enjoy the creative phase because it's all you, private, intimate, sacred and JUST FOR YOU -- how often in this day and age can you really say that?

We have enough judgment and ridicule in our lives without doing it to ourselves.

So please, take a breath, walk into your studio, workplace, coffee shop, or wherever you put down roots to write, paint, dance, draw, or whatever artistic adventure you've decided on and just embrace it, enjoy it, revel in it, and truly experience the euphoria of creating... it's your time with you. Trust me, all that other stuff will find you once your art is out in the world.

But hey!

That's a completely different blog.

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